Качество обслуживания клиентов
Планировка помещения
Разнообразие продуктов и услуг
Соотношение цены и качества
Удобство использования
Ценовая политика
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Lowes essentially seems to be giving all of its customers the middle finger. Good luck with that market approach when we have other alternatives, especially Amazon.

I went to Lowes today and there was no one there. No checkout person. No Store Manager. I had over $450 worth of plastic containers and they wanted me to scan each one.

I left them right there and walked out. I went home and bought them on Amazon for a little over $35 more. But hey, They deliver overnight. I figure if I am going to do self check out, its easier to do so on my couch.

Amazon get that. Lowes does not. If I need something ever again and can't wait for it to be delivered, I will go to Home Depot or Ace Hardware. Even if it costs more, its worth paying to avoid the frustration.

When I tried to get the store manager, she was out.

So was the assistant. Had to wait forever to find that out. So, I tried to call the District or Regional Manager. They don't have one.

The one person they say exists, they have no contact information for them. So, middle finger it is. Why do you make it so hard to reach a decision maker or a person of responsibility? Its purposeful.

I don't have this problem at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. The only thing a brick and mortar store has as an advantage is customer service.

Bad customer service is the death of any such company. Will be selling Lowes short and buying Home Depot.

Reason of review: Плохое качество обслуживания клиентов..

Preferred solution: Give a Damn about Customers.

I didn't like: Customer service and inability to leave feedback.

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Home Depot isn't a lot better. My local store has 2 sets of 4 self serve registers.

There is a cashier than can scan multiple items on those lines but you may have to wait for her either because she is too busy shooting the breeze with another employee or she is trying to keep up with multiple registers. All a part of the cost cutting measures in a big box store trying to keep the shareholders happy.

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